Retro Stamped Bracelet


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Celebrated for his mentoring, his teaching, and for astonishing, award-winning jewelry characterized by complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces, Fritz is constantly pushing boundaries and taking his designs to new levels. Despite being a renowned artist, he “enjoys the act of creation and is always experimenting” in his art, so his work varies in scale and designs, but is always impeccable in workmanship and creative in design.

Here, he shows his restraint in design and the thoughtfulness of it.

An ode to an older time and older style, the seemingly simple bracelet took extreme precision to complete.

Starting with a 1/2 round wire, the design was carefully and deeply stamped into the silver, each stamp nearly perfect in its placement.

The polished silver seems to twinkle in the light and the starburst in the center of each stamp only makes it shine brighter!

A small-scale show-stopper, this bracelet is not flashy, but very noticeable.

Another splendid piece by this Master artist.

Additional information


Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 7/8"

Gap Size

1 3/8"

Wrist Size

7 1/4"


1/4" W | 1/2" W at ends