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Retro Carico Lake Turquoise Ring


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What do you do with a magnificent, large, natural turquoise stone from the Carico Lake mine in Nevada?

If you are prodigiously gifted, perennial prize-winning jeweler Tommy Jackson, you polish it to an incandescent green-blue glow, keep it as close to its natural shape as possible, and set it in beautiful, traditionally worked silver, touched with gold.

And here it is, in all its natural splendor, with a shadowy pattern of matrix.

The silver frame is a marvel of stamp work, with two accents of 14-karat gold to blend with the tiny spots of warm-hued matrix in the stone.

At top and bottom, a small half-bead of gold is deeply fluted, adding a subtle touch of warmth and another, compatible pattern to the border.

Outlined with florid scallops, the silver framing the turquoise is hand stamped in three different patterns, that each corresponds to the size of the scalloped silver.

An amazingly delicate border around the raised, plain bezel of the stone, is cut to resemble a slender rope.

It sits in a darkened shadowbox, with the stamped scallops dancing exuberantly around.

The shank is a classic, three-wire band, fused in the back.

That elaborate silver surround is a perfect counterpart to the outstanding, serene, turquoise stone.

With a look back to old-fashioned Navajo style, but with the meticulous workmanship of today, and an elegant design, this celebrated jeweler has created a setting worthy of that spectacular turquoise.

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Natural Carico Lake Turquoise, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Ring Size

7 1/2


Stone is 1" L x 5/8" W | Face is 1 5/8" L x 1 1/8" W