Reticulated Silver Ring


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Peer-voted “Artist of the Year” (more than once!) this award-winning jeweler is celebrated for his exquisite silverwork, and elegantly simple designs.

He has an unerring sense of what is just right – not too much; not too little – as seen in this splendid band ring.

Understated, but definitely noticeable, the flared, highly polished edges flash with reflected light, while the contrasting center is darkened, with a minuscule, textured design applied, on top.

Sending off subtle, dusky sparks, the tiny rug pattern is formed by reticulated silver.

In reticulation, granules of silver are pushed into a design and then fused with heat from a flame.

Especially in a minute, controlled and precise pattern, like this, it requires expert skill.

An experienced touch is needed, or you end up with the silver equivalent of melted cheese.

The tiny rug pattern is visible in a very close close-up but clearly delineated.

Modern, urbane and sophisticated as the ring looks, the traditional rug design – subtle as it is – honors the artist’s culture.

Sure to attract admiration all over the world, in casual settings, or not, this ring is a stunning example of this remarkable jeweler’s less-is-more work.