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Reticulated Silver Necklace


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Voted “Artist of the Year ” by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, the industry standard-setter, Al Joe has always been known for the understated, classic beauty of his designs, as well as the perfection of his workmanship.

This necklace combines tradition with modern creativity and sophisticated technique. The artist has made a virtuoso variety of silver beads: oval, round, cylindrical and reticulated, and fluted. Each one was hand fabricated in two halves, then soldered together and finished flawlessly. The fluted beads are pushed out from inside, to form the “squash” effect.

The long cylinder beads have been made with layers of silver to create a wonderful sense of texture and design. The precise rug pattern design is achieved by arranging shavings of silver and fusing them into permanence with an open flame. The trick is to keep it from melting into a formless blob. That’s skill!

Allied with the mastery of his medium, is the consummate artistry with which he designs his work. This necklace is much lovelier, visually more interesting and sophisticated, that the typical silver beads we see. Mastery in design and technique, both, makes Al Joe’s award-winning work very beautiful and very special.

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