Reticulated Narrow Cuff with Turquoise

Jennifer Curtis


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Jennifer Curtis – “the best woman jeweler working”, according to a major-award-winning peer – is best known for her impeccable stamp work.

This elegant, narrow cuff demonstrates that her gifts are not limited to one technique.

It also spotlights a superb natural turquoise.

The substantial silver has rolled and gleaming edges that frame a darkened center, overlaid with reticulated silver in a row of elongated diamond shapes.

Reticulation is a tricky technique that “produces a ridged or ripply surface through controlled heating.”

The uneven surface of reticulated silver is nubbly, sometimes resembling a moonscape.

It takes exceptional skill and talent to form distinct shapes through reticulation –  not enough heat, and the design doesn’t adhere; too much heat and you end up with melted silver.

Jennifer’s design is both precise and delicate, and contrasts beautifully with the blackened silver background.

Centered on the cuff is a magnificent, natural, spiderweb turquoise in a  gorgeous, deep teal hue, typical of the finest Morenci mine stones.

The matrix has subtle gleams of pyrite (fool’s gold), and sits high in its smooth, polished bezel.

This elegant cuff is a splendid example of this premier artist’s work: Meticulous in workmanship, lovely in design, with a superb stone.

Understated, but outstanding, it can stack with other bracelets, or shine on its own.


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