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Repousse Silver and Variscite Earrings


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When he was a young teen, buffing his parent’s handmade sterling silver beads was his introduction to silversmithing.

Later, mentored by the late, great, Kirk Smith, Robert developed his own style of jewelry inspired by the traditional Navajo look, but in his own designs, as in these handsome earrings.

The natural variscite stones, from the New Landers area of Nevada, exhibit exceptionally dramatic patterns, resulting in striking contrasts between the pretty apple green, and the stormy dark matrix.

The silver bezel around each stone follows their organic shape, with another, twisted silver wire border around that.

The base silver has been formed into a compatible – almost oval – shape with a scalloped edge.

Each scallop has been cut out around the apex of a small, repousse oval.

Moreover, each repousse oval is surrounded by minute chiseled designs; a masterful touch.

The silver is entirely darkened, and then brushed to a soft, antique finish; the raised repousse ovals gleam more than the matte base or the bezels.

Guaranteed to excite much admiring comment, these earrings offer style and drama way beyond their cost. Enjoy!

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Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 1 1/4" W