Repousse Ovals Cuff


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Ruggedly handsome, as befits the work of a professional rodeo cowboy and horse trainer, this bracelet was produced by his alter ego – an award-winning jeweler!

Just like the artist, the bracelet embraces two worlds: the traditional and the contemporary.

And, befitting the champion he is, in two different realms, the workmanship is flawless; the design is simple, but striking.

A raised row of repousse ovals parade across the center of the cuff, gleaming in the reflection of light.

Small, flattened circles edge both borders of the cuff, punctuating the spaces between the ovals.

The unusually substantial, tufa cast silver base supports decorative and expert hand stamping, on each thick edge.

The cuff is simple, but dramatic, with its high contrast between polished and textured silver, and the exceptionally pleasing design.

Striking on its own, it will also stack well with other bracelets.

Wear it any way you like, and every day, if you like – it’s that versatile, for men and/or women.

This cuff will attract attention; don’t be surprised if people grab your wrist for a closer look!

Additional information


Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 3/8" gap | 6 7/8" all around


1/2" W x 1/4" Thick