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Repousse Dragonfly Dangles


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As a child, he helped his parents with their jewelry-making, in Gallup, NM. Now, still in his twenties, Randy has chosen to become a graphic artist.

Evidently he still works on jewelry (for fun?) since he brought in these marvelous, retro earrings.

Designed with flair, and a well-versed in tradition, these earrings honor the dragonflies that flit above and around running water.

Dramatic in size, they are a symphony of curves and rounded forms, so, very pretty, too.

The dragonflies’ rounded bodies are repousse- pushed out from underneath, rather than applied on top.

This keeps their weight comfortable on the ear.

Brushed silver gives the earrings an antique look, as do the charming, very traditional tops.

Like small flowers, the tops are cut out into scalloped edges, each of which is hand stamped.

There is a small, but radiant, blue turquoise dome raised in the center of each silver  “flower”, which adds  beautiful color.

The design shows the dragonflies hovering near a flower, which tells the tale of their value: dragonflies live around water, and so plants and crops flourish near them.

Silver wires form elegantly graceful antennae, emphasizing the round motifs in the earrings.

A flashback in time, as to subject and design, but with today’s expert workmanship. Beautiful in every way!

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 1/8" L x 1 3/4" W