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Repousse Diamond Silver Earrings


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Light and dark, round and pointed; these earrings are a lesson in beautiful contrasts. Pete is a relative of the late Thomas, and Jennifer, Curtis – each celebrated for their award-winning mastery of silversmithing techniques.The diamond shapes are pushed out from the back; true repousse work. Both diamonds are surrounded by hand stamping, in designs that accentuate the diamond shapes. Darkened silver around the polished silver diamond forms make them shine even more brightly. The circular form of the earrings is emphasized by rippling, etched lines in the darkened silver. There is a dramatic contrast between the brilliantly polished, raised diamond shapes and the flat, darkened background. It seems amazing that a piece of this quality could come with a price so remarkably low but yes, Virginia, sometimes there really is a bargain!

Sterling Silver

Dangle Diameter: 1″ Type: