Repousse Diamond Cuff


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A young jeweler, who learned from some of the best: his great-uncle Thomas Curtis, Sr, and his aunt, Jennifer Curtis.

Rydell follows the family tradition of excellence in silver work with clean, graphic designs, like on this cuff.

The design consists of a row of beautifully raised, repousse diamond shapes, with deeply hand stamped, fringed triangles above and below each one.

At each end, a finely chiseled stepped rain sign flows into a fan of tapered, chiseled lines, representing rainfall.

The silver is highly polished, so it gleams as if moistened with rain.

However, the interior of each stamped triangle is blackened, for a compelling, but understated, contrast.

On the interior of the bracelet, the pushed-out diamond shapes have been darkened, as well, for another striking design.

In the Navajo way, the artist has created beauty on the inside, as well as on the visible exterior.

The cuff has traditional good luck motifs, but a modern sensibility, and is hand made with the exquisite silver work he and his family are noted for.

Rydell has created a splendid, understated bracelet that can be nicely stacked with others, or displayed proudly on its own.

Happily, he is continuing the considerable Curtis legacy, bringing admirable jewelry into future generations.

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