Repousse Concho Dangles


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Recipient of many awards, with devoted collectors all over the world, Arland Ben has also been a professional horseman, who has even done stunt work on films, and now, an up-and-coming photographer!

As a master jeweler, he is best known for his intricate petroglyph designs in silver and gold, often set with fine natural stones. We were pleasantly surprised when he brought in this beautiful pair of large, concho style earrings,  which is very different but gorgeous, as well. This demonstrates that simple but flawless surroundings enhance luxurious materials.

The earrings are larger in size and handmade with Arland’s usual high level of quality, though they are reasonably weighted. The body of each earring is composed of an oval-shaped concho with twenty-two repousse stamped forms around a beautiful cabochon of Natural Morenci Turquoise set in a fabricated bezel.

The outer border of each earring is surrounded by uniformly stamped designs with scalloped edges, an elegant final touch!

A modern take on a classic design, by an award-winning and multi-talented artist, these earrings are even more beautiful in person!

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Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/8"


1 3/4"