Repousse Chandelier Earrings


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Harris Joe is one of the many fine jewelers whose name is not bandied about at collectors’ parties.

He is, however, a meticulous jeweler  with an individual flair (I have a pair of his that are simple rounded rectangles, stamped in a vertical row “Navajo, Navajo Navajo!)

These splendid earrings are made for dancing and display – they will actually dance, whether or not you do, as you move.

Exuberant, the design is as opulent as a real crystal chandelier but is unbreakable silver.

Three tapered rows feature a marvelous design that incorporates traditional motifs into a spectacular waterfall of repousse work and hand stamping.

The dangles are full of circles, domes, and curves; the tops are a more rigorous diamond shape, also stamped, with one repousse dome in the center.

Notice the tiny fluted stamps at each end of each row, and the repousse centers of the diamond-shaped fringe at the bottom, as well as the repousse domes at the ends of each row.

Flawless technique and design sense result in effervescent glitter and a cheerily grand effect.

There is no pretension about these earrings, just swashbuckling swagger, fun,  delicious beauty – and terrific workmanship, too.

(Don’t worry; they are lightweight, on the ear, despite their size, so go for it!)

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