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Repousse Buckle with Royston


Darkened but polished repousse silver buckle with center raised, oval, natural Royston turquoise set into a stamped, rectangle resembling a rug. Scalloped edges: sides stamped; top and bottom just repousse.

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He is known for his old-style jewelry designs featuring traditional silver elements in an antique finish, assembled in his own designs, and paired with beautiful stones. This buckle checks all those boxes, and splendidly.

The wonderful silver work features repoussed ovals and other graceful, curvy shapes, and discreet but impeccable stamping. These have all been pushed out (repousse, in French) from the inside, not just formed and soldered onto the base. The flat, rectangular center of the buckle is delicately stamped to suggest a Navajo rug, with a fine, natural Royston turquoise placed above it. The rectangular shape is a visual contrast to the profusion of curved forms everywhere else, and highlights the beautiful turquoise.

The stone is a  cheery, Spring-like green, with just a few touches of its characteristic toasty tan matrix. It adds a welcome touch of color to the antiqued silver, and stands out, figuratively, like sunlit leaves against a cloudy, dark sky. Given that it is raised, it stands out literally, too.

The three-dimensional silver ovals at the sides of the buckle, and the arched stamping that echoes the scalloped edges, carry the oval form over, bringing harmony to the piece. At top and bottom, the rounded and curved silver forms continue the composition. At the corners, the tapered swirls are stamped to resemble leaves, or feathers.

A beautiful composition of carefully arranged, raised ovals and a splendid, natural stone that complement each other make a traditional-style buckle that is more precise and refined than its inspirations of the past. Think of it on jeans, but also more tailored slacks – for men or women. The workmanship and high-quality stone would indicate a much higher price, but sometimes, we, and now you, get lucky!

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Natural Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 3/8" wide x 2 1/2" high, Stone is 1 1/8" wide x 5/8" high