“Remembering the Courage of the Hawk”



Bennie “Yellowman” Nelson is a self-taught artist whose career spans over 50 years.

Known as an award-winning artist out of New Mexico, Yellowman is well versed in any medium, but is most known for dynamic acrylics and intricate watercolors.

At an early age he showed talent in drawing and painting, giving him a strong foundation for his future career.

Yellowman is also an avid public speaker, focusing on Native American Rights, traditions, history and art. His extraordinary ability to research and depict Native culture is represented in his everyday life.

His work celebrates Native beauty and his ability to capture the subject’s fierceness and strength is uncanny.

This painting depicts a character that Yellowman has named The Hawk. His background is unspoken, however, the title implies that he is a person of great strength. His countenance shows stoicism in the face of adversity, a silent but determined courage when his people need it more than ever.

The techniques are familiar, however, the focus is directly on the face, and Yellowman has produced multiple recent works within this series of facial close-ups.

A newer style, with an intense feeling and a direct connection to the subject, the Hawk will watch over you in your home from his special perch high above you.

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