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Regal Purple and Silver Necklace


Spectacular necklace of 4 strands of graduated purple  spiny oyster shell beads with two silver, chiseled barrels per strand, tiny silver beads separating the 8 beads at the bottom, more silver beads at the end, with hand made silver boxed, squares, cones, and hand made silver hook and eye. Fixed pendant: large, with elaborately stamped, beaded,and textured surrounds, with cut-out scalloped edge. bail is large flat oblong of silver, stamped.

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Royal purple beads, paired with beautifully worked silver makes a necklace fit for a queen – even just for a day. The son of a man considered to have been one of the Old Masters of Native jewelry, Tony Jr’s virtuoso artistry and skill moves fluently through the gamut of styles, from minimal and modern to beautifully traditional. But, traditional with a difference, as seen is this fabulous piece. Precious, purple spiny oyster shell fabulously takes the place of turquoise, to elevate this piece to a new level of beauty, with a luxurious look.

Everything about this necklace is spectacular, from the sweep of graduated deep purple strands, accented with polished silver, to the ornate, large pendant and bail. The workmanship is as impressive as the materials; each bead is matched in size and shape, with just enough subtle, natural variation in them to create a rich effect. The silver elements are impeccably fabricated, whether plain, stamped, or chiseled.

Cylindrical silver barrel beads, oblong and square silver elements, join the round shell beads and elaborately detailed pendant in pleasing harmony. Highly polished silver glitters, while the gorgeous purple shell gleams with its own luxurious luster. Notice that the silver is also graduated, in a way: the cones and square ends, anchored by silver beads, are simple; the cylindrical silver beads are chiseled, and then the unusual, oblong bail, and the pendant, are grand in size and lavishly stamped. After all the smooth edges, the exuberant scallops and textures of the silver pendant, and the rich stamping on the large bail, are especially sumptuous. The lovely, serene piece of purple shell, surrounded by all that ornamentation, radiates splendor in its simplicity.

Every single bit is hand fabricated. The shell beads were cut, drilled, and polished by hand, and the silver is all hand formed and stamped, or chiseled. This piece is majestic; smooth, gleaming, and gorgeous, it will add regal beauty and turn heads, both day and night. Simply stunning, you really will love it with sweaters. Wear it, don’t save it for evening wear, although it will shine then, too.






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Natural Purple Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


20" long 2 1/2" long x 2" wide pendant