Red Tiered Jar

Juanita Fragua


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Now 80 years old, this matriarch of Jemez pottery is soon to be honored as a Local Treasure. As well as this award, and many more, she is credited with reviving the serious (as opposed to “tourist” quality) pottery tradition at her pueblo. She taught her daughters, award-winning potters Glendora Fragua and BJ Fragua, and also her nationally celebrated sculptor son, Cliff Fragua. She may be starting her ninth decade, but this lady is a smart little bundle of energy and – looking at this beautiful jar – skill. Her artistry continues to amaze and delight.A splendid variation on her famous gourd pots, this imposing jar has rounded tiers through the neck of the piece. Each one is painted in a different pattern: stepped rain signs at the top, then two rows of arrow-like triangles, going in opposite directions from each other. Finally, on the flat surface of the bottom half, a row of curved water symbols. The palette of cream, beige and black is adroitly arranged to emphasize the variety of patterns, and contrasts softly with the stone-polished red clay base. Natural red clay from Jemez has been gathered, mixed, coiled, burnished, painted, and pit-fired by hand. All the colors in the decorative tiers are natural: black comes from wild spinach plants; the others are clay slips.Beautifully formed, with attractive designs that are also meaningful (water being a blessing to desert dwellers), this pot is gracefully imposing in size, color, design and execution. We took one look and thought “Wow”. You will, too, and so will every guest who is honored enough to enter your home. More than just a gorgeous pot, this jar is also a bit of pottery history, because if the artist and her background.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 8 1/2″ Height: 10″ Depth: 9 7/8″ Diameter: 8 1/2″