Red Painted Olla


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Leonard is Navajo, but when you marry into the Fragua family of Jemez Pueblo, you become a potter, it seems. Wife Emily Fragua Tsosie is an award-winning potter, noted for her storytellers, so it is no surprise to learn that Leonard has become similarly adept at clay creations. This pot is a surprise, though – he usually makes appealing storyteller figures. Here, he shows off his pottery expertise in a classic olla that is perfectly shaped and painted. Flowers and leaves sway in the breeze, on the top half of the piece; triangles, that signify earth and germinating power, decorate the bottom half. They are painted with precision and charm.We are not sure if “Corn Hill” refers to the title of the piece, or to the potter's Indian name at Jemez, but the theme of the design lends itself to both. A fine pot and a fine price, too.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 5 1/2″ Diameter: 7″