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Red Mole Fetish


Red stone, mottled with black, sleek mole fetish; turquoise heart line and eyes.Signed CAP

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Mole is the Guardian animal of the underworld, appropriately enough. This handsome mole is sleek and shiny and red all over. – except for an inlaid turquoise heart line and turquoise eyes. If you have mole-holes in your lawn, this is the fellow to handle that!

Carved by Calvin and Abby (Quam) Panteah, this tapered, graceful fetish has lots of fetish-carving history between the two families. He looks like a “sports-mole”: aerodynamic and beautifully shaped. Although definitely abstract, his legs, snout and tail are clearly delineated in a simplified form.

Solid artistic genes in the artists, and an unusual material and color, as well as a snazzy shape and finish, make this little mole a marvelous addition – or start – to your fetish collection.

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and Turquoise


1 7/8" long x 1 5/8" wide