Tall Red Micaceous Olla


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This artist’s name is synonymous with micaceous pottery ,all over the world!

The consummate master of this sparkly clay from northern New Mexico, here shows the full extent of his artistry.

The opulent, curvaceous form is gracefully cut away to highlight the extraordinarily thin construction.

The only decoration is a few fire clouds, that seem deliberately placed to emphasize the form.

There really is no need to talk about Lonnie Vigil’s work – he is THE recognized master and innovator of micaceous pottery.

There are others who work with this clay, but many use it as a slip, rather than as a solid, base clay.

Some just don’t have the finesse and artistry that Lonnie has. His work speaks for itself.

He claims you can cook with this pot, but we were too chicken (no pun intended). You may try, or you may just enjoy its beauty as it is.

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Natural Hand-Processed Micaceous Clay


11 3/4"


10 1/2"