Red Leaping Deer Olla

Anna Archuleta


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This veteran, traditional potter is the sister of another noted potter, Anita Suazo, and daughter of the late Belen Tapia, who taught them both.

Anna uses natural slips, and the polishing stones passed down from her mother.

She collaborates with her husband, Fidel, who does the carving and outdoor, pit firing.

Anna forms the pots by hand-coiling the hand-gathered clay and stone-polishing the pieces.

This almost globular olla is a wonderful example of Anna’s expert shaping and polish, and Fidel’s deep carving.

The design is symmetrical, featuring a traditional, and vastly appealing, leaping deer on two sides.

Each deer leaps across a rounded triangular area that is matte, contrasting in clay color, and beautifully smooth.

The deer are highly polished, as are the blank areas between them. These lustrous areas just beg to be caressed (but only with clean, and dry hands, please!).

Redware is more difficult to polish than black, since mistakes and imperfections are more noticeable, but this older olla is beautifully done.

Created according to age-old tradition, from gathering the clays to pit-firing the finished product, the allure of this beautifully shaped olla is almost modern.

The deer motif is boldly carved and graceful; the simplicity and drama of the design is immediately striking and harmonious.

Contrasting colors and finishes are earthy and wonderfully achieved.

An oldie, but very, very goodie, the price is ridiculous for the quality.

Smart shoppers, take note.

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