Red Glass Wedding Vase

Tony Jojola


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Tony Jojola started working in pottery, but discovered the demanding but beautiful art of hot-blown glass in art school and has developed into an internationally honored glass artist.

He has worked with the legendary Dale Chihuly, the American Picasso of glass art, and mentored another generation of Native, hot-blown glass artists.

Tony is one of the only Native glass artists who work in hot-blown glass; his work is included in museums, as well as private collections.

Pueblo weddings always include a two-spouted vase from which the bridal couple sip water, symbolizing the union of two into one household. In this stunning piece, the award-winning artist has created a hot-blown glass version of the traditional form that is both large and magnificent.

The base is clear glass, blown into its form on a hand-held rod. The glowing red is then blown on to the base while the piece is still hot and on the rod.

Pure silver sprinkles, the separately formed ,multi-colored bear, the “rope” handle and blue edges on the spouts are all applied, as well.

The silver sparkles wrap around the limpid, transparent red form making it appropriately festive; the bear symbolizes blessing and protection. White deerskin is a traditional sign of blessing, linking both spouts.

Gorgeous, luminous and transparent when light streams through this piece, it can also look opaque, according to the ambient light. One of the glories of hand blown glass is its tendency to change according to the light; it never looks the same, throughout the day and night.

This gorgeous wedding vase is magisterial in its size, level of difficulty, skill and artistic vision.

This is a truly spectacular acquisition for a wedding, anniversary, or your collection, by an artist whose work is renowned around the world.


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