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Red Glass Bear


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No need for a fireplace when you can bask in the warmth of the flickering reds of this glowing bear.

One of the few Native glass artists, and one of the even fewer who make only hot-blown glass pieces, Tony Jojola has an international reputation and training, but always creates pieces that reflect his Pueblo roots.

Bears are revered by almost all tribes for their power, intelligence, hunting skills, and protection qualities. This fluidly abstracted bear adds another dimension: beauty.

A base of clear glass was formed by blowing molten glass through a rod; the brown and red “jimmies” were added while the glass was still hot, on the rod.

The result is a wonderful reddish-brown, bear-y bear, that changes its appearance, according to the light.

The piece is hardly realistic, but the essence of massive bulk,and strength is there, along with the beautiful, smooth surface and “furry” look of the spots of color.

A unique medium for Native art; a unique blend of tradition, esthetics and modernity, created by a master.

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3 1/2"


5 3/8" x 1 1/2" deep