“Red Gila” Painting



A deliriously animated background, combined with joyously brilliant color, marks this young artist’s preferred style.

The bright red amphibian that dominates the painting seems to be swimming against (in) the background of turquoise and violet, punctuated with streaks of red, areas of black, and white.

The exuberant brushstrokes and confident painting convey a love for art and life.

The layered background motifs display the depth of a waterway; streaks and dots give the effect of splashes of water, displaced by the swimming creature.

With highlights, and the effect of depth from the various colors, it seems as if sunlight is dappling the drops of water flying up.

Vigorously painted, dramatic and bold, this piece is, nevertheless, beautifully controlled, resulting in a high-energy, gorgeously colored, happy painting.

With the lively animation and luscious hues in this large painting, your walls will seem to dance, and your spirits will join in.

Art therapy!

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50" W x 22" H x 1 1/2" thick


Acrylic Paint, Canvas