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Red-Faced Warrior Turtle


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This appealing turtle seems perfectly delighted that he is dressed as a warrior, with all the right paraphernalia – look at his happy expression!A member of the Turtle Clan, Randall is internationally known for his turtle storytellers. This one is all decked out in authentic regalia: deerskin medicine pouch, feathers, spear; and the wonderfully textured turtle-y look of his scaly body. Note the embroidered sash at his… waist. Everything is hand coiled, shaped, textured, and smoothed; fired in an oil can, smothering the flames with powdered, dried horse manure,to turn the clay black.This jovial warrior is another major charmer from this accomplished, highly collected potter.

Clay, Deerskin, Horsehair, Wood, Trade Cloth, Feathers

Width: 7″ Height: 9″ Depth: 5 3/4″