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Red Coral Shadowbox Pendant


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Master Silversmith Al Joe has amassed a heap of prize ribbons during his career, including the peer-voted title of Indian Artist of the Year – twice.

His work is renowned: impeccable in workmanship, restrained, but rich, in design, and nothing less than perfect, in every way.

This pendant checks all those boxes, with flawless skill, a gorgeous, natural red coral, and a simple design that incorporates textural contrast and a shadowbox setting.

The coral is the finest; blood red, and perfectly smooth. Its oval form is matched by the silver work that surrounds it.

However, instead of hanging the pendant on the vertical, as is usual, this consummate artist has placed the bail so that the pendant is on a horizontal axis.

This small touch gives the pendant a subtly different look, and makes it stand out, quietly.

Set in a shadowbox, surrounded by deep, dark oxidized silver, the coral glows.

A wreath of textured silver tabs surrounds the coral. Here too, subtle details add to the allure of the design: these tabs are broadest at top, bottom, and at the sides.

Between these pairs of broad tabs, a quartet of narrow ones imperceptibly adds interest to the pattern.

These, too, are set above an inky background, and the whole is framed by a gleaming, concave border of polished silver.

The polished bail is proportional to the size of the pendant, and can slide comfortably over beads or collar, etc. of 1/4″ + diameter.

Al Joe brings timeless beauty, extraordinary skill, and exceptional refinement to this, and all his pieces.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 1 1/8" W