Red Carved “TeePee” Jar


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Her tribal origins are in the Great Lakes region, and this self-taught, renowned potter is proud to revive the traditions of that area, and to use contemporary pottery methods, as well.

Her mastery of different techniques allows her to express her personal vision, and innovation, in award-winning style.

This elegant jar has a traditional, exquisitely formed, shape, and a creative pattern of swirling, carved texture and some “fire clouds” (dark areas formed during firing).

It demonstrates her signature graceful and clean-cut form.

The controlled simplicity of the shape contrasts with the energy and turbulence of the textured pattern.

The bottom part of the piece is heavily textured, resembling the shaggy pelt of  a buffalo, wild pony, and other animals, galloping around the shoulder.

Each animal has an important place in the tradition of the Plains: horse, buffalo, wild sheep and goat; they provide transportation, food, clothing, shelter, tools, and more.

Striking and elegant, the jar’s form is ravishing in its precision and perfect proportions. The organic fire clouds only add to the energy of the slanted texture, and animals in motion.

The pattern is varied and dramatic, calmed by an area of smooth surface around the neck.

One of the top, nationally acknowledged Native potters, Pahponee is known for experimenting and always striving for excellence.

This shapely jar demonstrates her creativity and pottery knowledge; mission accomplished.

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3" H x 4 1/4" Diameter