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Red Carved Hummingbird Jar


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The classic Pueblo motif of hummingbird and wild rose, is etched out in an energetic pattern that evokes the fluttering of those little wings.

The dynamic array of rounded and diagonal designs show the tiny propagators feeding on nectar of wild roses.

Hummingbirds aid in pollination of plants, and so help to assure a good harvest.

Therefore, health, happiness and abundance ensue.

The all-over pattern, beautifully precise, has been painstakingly scratched out of the previously stone-polished, plain red clay.

The beige clay which forms the base has been delicately textured, to contrast.

The lively combination and oblique positions of the hummingbirds and roses suggest the darting movement of these entrancing little birds.

The artist, her sister and their mother, are all well-known for this exemplary “sgrafitto” work, and all three favor this traditional Pueblo motif – but each in her own way.

This jar is an exceptional charmer; delightful in design and execution, alike.















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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips, Turquoise


6" H x 4 3/4" Diameter