Red Butterfly Bowl


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Granddaughter, daughter, niece, and cousin of other, equally award-winning Yepa potters, Marcella uses natural clays, usually from her Jemez Pueblo area.

This smaller olla is distinctive because of its bright red color.

That is a natural clay slip, found in northern New Mexico, covering the beige, Jemez clay base.

The boldly painted butterflies are made with a natural plant pigment.

Butterflies are, of course beautiful, but are also important, because they help to propagate crops and other plants.

The flowers that decorate the pot, between the butterflies, symbolize the result of the insects’ work.

The angular designs on the butterflies’ wings refer to the water spiral, and the dots on the flower petals are traditionally raindrops.

Together with water, the prospect of abundant harvests are good, so this pot symbolizes good luck.

Not just a lovely piece, it has meaning, too.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip, Natural Paint