“Red Bison”

Robert Dale Tsosie



Robert Dale Tsosie was mentored by prominent artists Charles Pratt and Bruce LaFountain, even while attending the Institute for American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe.

At his graduation, he received the T.C.Cannon Award for artistic and academic excellence, and other prestigious awards came fast and abundant after that and are still accumulating.

Robert received the Allan Houser Award for Artistic Excellence from the State of New Mexico in 1994. He was also a recipient of the Santa Fe Indian Market Fellowship Award that same year. In 1995 Robert won the Santa Fe Indian Market’s commission to create a Lifetime Achievement Award Sculpture to honor the lifetime achievement of Native American Artists.

He was a well-regarded sculpture teacher at the Poeh Arts Cultural Center from 1994 to 2014 and at the Institute of American Indian Arts from 1997 to 1998.

According to Robert Dale:

“Stone keeps me in wonder and amazement in its inherent and illustrious qualities that it offers me to use to express myself to the world”.

For thousands of years, many Native tribes relied heavily on bison for their survival and well-being, using every part of the bison for food, clothing, shelter, tools, jewelry, and ceremonially. “Red Bison” is a handsome representation of this important animal, considered sacred by so many.

The beautifully colored Utah Alabaster, carved with different textural aspects, allows Robert Dale to show contrast and depth, a hallmark of his work.

A 3-D masterpiece by a Master of 3-D, this beautiful sculpture will bring a delightful presence into your home!


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