Red and White Jar


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Amazingly innovative and creatively curious, this renowned potter produces work in a variety of styles.

She loves to experiment, but her pieces all share an elegant simplicity and grace.

In this impressively sized piece, the handsome marbled effect is all the decoration it needs.

(There is an incised line, like a necklace, around the neck, that is barely visible.)

The interesting surface variations are the result of careful manipulation of the firing process; the base clay is entirely white.

A wonderful example of the sophistication of this award-winning potter’s work, this contemporary jar has a lovely, voluptuous shape.

Hand-coiled and -smoothed, the swooping movement of the patterns on the clay enlivens the majestic form.

Pristine in form and animated in design, this stunning piece could be Asian, with its classic form and assured presence.

It is, however, rooted in Native culture, as expressed by a very talented and creative artist.


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Natural Clay


11 3/8" high x 8" diameter