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Red and Green Olla


Stone-polished red clay olla with apple green clay slip painted feathers and rain symbols.

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Martha is a member of the historical, artistic elite of Pueblo pottery-makers.

Her great-aunt was the legendary Maria Martinez, who rediscovered the technique of traditional San Ildefonso black pottery, over a century ago.

Her mother was the prominent potter Carmelita Dunlap, and Martha has established her own exceptional reputation for fine pottery.

She is celebrated for the brilliant polish of her work, and the traditional designs associated with her family.

As an innovator, as well as upholder of this illustrious tradition, she incorporates something very different in this gorgeous olla.

Red clay is notorious for being unforgiving; any little glitch will show up.

This pot is serenely confident in its exemplary form and satiny polish. The unexpected innovation?

That lovely apple green clay slip, which is entirely natural. Martha smilingly calls it “Appleleaf” green, and finds it in northern New Mexico.

This makes a beautiful contrast, painted over the stone-polished red base.

The design is traditional: feathers, symbolizing prayers, and rain signs, the hoped-for result. Great good luck is the message.

The design perfectly emphasizes and augments the handsome form; the ideal of Native pottery.

Completely hand made, from gathering the clay to pit-firing, this is an outstanding piece by a highly reputed artist.

Great good luck will, indeed,  be yours, when you own this elegant piece.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip


5 3/4" high x 6" diameter