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Red and Blue Triangle Posts


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Michael Dukepoo learned to inlay from his celebrated jeweler father, Michael Garcia, Na Na Ping, and learned so well, he has become an award-winning jeweler himself.

Many happy collectors, as well as prize judges, testify to his artistry and skill.

These striking earrings are an example of masterful inlay work, displaying the artist’s contemporary flair.

Luscious, intensely blue, natural lapis is faintly sprinkled with flecks of fools’ gold matrix, like the night sky twinkling with faraway stars.

In brilliant contrast, fiery red rosarita forms the base of the silver triangle.

Rosarita is formed in the process of gold mining; it is the most solid, definitive red, and vibrantly complements the gorgeous lapis blue.

The vivid colors are contained in a slender frame of gleaming silver, that is just enough to illuminate the densely saturated hues.

Delicately formed, beautifully inlaid with first-quality stones, these earrings are modest in size but huge in impact.

These are so flattering, and so stylish, it is almost unnecessary to note that the price is incredibly accessible.

A fantastic opportunity to snag a gorgeous pair of earrings by this noted jeweler, painlessly.

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Natural Lapis, Natural Rosarita, Sterling Silver


1" L x 1/2" W