Red Alabaster Warrior

Victor Vigil


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His sculptures of animals are collected by happy connaisseurs all over the world; once in a while, this noted artist also carves humans.

This bust of a Plains warrior is complete with flowing hair, bear-claw choker, feathers and elaborate, beaded hair ornaments.

This is all carved from one piece of natural, red Utah alabaster, on a hand-formed mahogany wood base.

There is a sense of  physical and spiritual power about this sculpture. The very form of the piece resembles an arrowhead, symbol of protection, courage and strength.

Repeated, tapered diagonals, in the feathers, the sweep of the hair and ornaments, even the bear claws, give this piece a surging energy.

The dramatic markings of the stone add to the sense of movement.

The mahogany wood base contrasts with its simple, serene shape, but echoes the curved lines in the sculpture and its ruddy hue.

Just the right size for office or home shelf, desk, mantel or table top, this sculpture honors warriors. It is handsomely relevant today.


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