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Rectangular Sugilite Pendant


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A highly respected, Master jeweler, like many of her siblings, Christina has won numerous awards and has collectors throughout the United States.

Her work is included in the legendary British Museum, in London, as well.

Like her parents and sister, Jolene, she creates innovative designs, but in her own, beautifully feminine style.

This pendant is supremely minimalist, but the luscious stones are a true luxury.

Deepest purple, natural sugilite is cut into an elegant rectangle, with just a plain silver frame.

A small dome of natural coral is attached to the bottom, bringing its complementary red color to enliven both stones.

The coral is also sheathed in plain silver, matching the sugilite.

Rigorous geometry, beautifully proportioned, meets gorgeous color in this flawless pendant.

Premium stones are set to perfection, glorified by both artistry, and meticulous workmanship.

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Natural Coral, Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver


1 3/8" L x 1/2" W