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“Reading Stories” Storyteller


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From a well-known pottery family, and married into another prominent pottery family, this artist specializes in award-winning, storyteller figures.

Here, the very original and endearing theme is reading, as well as telling, stories.

It was created entirely according to tradition, with hand-gathered, local clay and clay slips, and black paint from wild spinach plants.

All the figures are coiled, formed, smoothed, and painted, by hand.

The piece was fired in the ground, as has been done for centuries.

The mother figure is telling the three kids, “The Pueblo Story”, according to the book in her hand.

A little boy is hanging on her shoulder, and his sister (cousin, friend…), on Mama’s lap, is also engrossed.

She holds a book of her own, on “Indian Jewelry” – girls and bling are universal, it seems.

The third child, another boy, is relaxing across the maternal lap, with his own book, on drums, open.

It looks like he is also listening to the story being told.

Each figure is formed and painted with wonderful precision and detail.

The storytelling woman wears a traditional blouse and manta dress, with an inlaid shell necklace and fancy moccasins.

Her handsome blanket envelops her, and shelters all the children, too.

Sporting a stylish side braid, the little girl also wears an embellished dress, and a flower in her hair.

The drum-loving boy has a fancy shirt and a concho belt, or embroidered sash; the little one, above, has a fancy shirt, also.

Each member of this prolific pottery family tries to make her figures unique.

This group is truly different, celebrating reading.

How perfect for librarians, teachers, your children, or your grandchildren!

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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


6 ½ “ H x 3 1/4" W x 5” Deep