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Raven Sculpture


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This mega-gifted artist is the only Native sculptor to have a work installed in the Statuary Hall of the U. S. Capitol, in Washington, D.C.

He studied in Italy, San Francisco, and the Institute of American Indian Art, in Santa Fe, and has won a barrel of prestigious awards.

Cliff says,”my work shows pride for the Pueblo culture and a deep understanding of the inherent spirituality of the stone. I have chosen stone as my medium of expression because it is a combination of the basic elements of the earth.”

This distinctive table sculpture combines three different stones in one striking piece that is both dramatic, and gracefully serene.

The design progresses from rigorously rectangular, at the base, to an elongated pentagon whose lines are softened by the stone’s matrix pattern, to a sensuously curvaceous bird form at the top.

This upward movement of forms suggests the flight of a bird, as it perches high, and flies off in the sky.

Fine-grained black granite forms the base, translucent, golden calcite supports the bird; the raven, itself, is of sleek, flawlessly polished Belgian marble.

White streaks in both the calcite and the black marble, as well as pinpricks of lighter matrix in the granite, connect each part to the others.

Ravens are part of Pueblo lore, and crows eat insects and clear rubble from fields, so this beautifully shaped bird is more than just visually gorgeous.

Dramatic in color, but tranquil in effect, this sculpture is expertly realized with sublime artistry.

Now your home or office can be just like the US Capitol!

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Belgian Marble, Natural Calcite, Natural Granite


8" H x 4 3/4" W x 2 3/4" Deep