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Raven in Tan Jeans – AS IS

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Carved and painted raven, standing, looking to side, on oval raw wood base. Carved wings, turquoise necklace; tan jeans and moccasins.

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One of a series of three imposing ravens, this much-loved folk artist brought in. This confident fellow is standing erect, looking alertly to one side, ready to fly off if necessary. Despite his tan jeans, moccasins, and turquoise jacla necklace, he has a very vigilant look, appropriate to his kind.

The wings are folded in back, and carefully, beautifully carved. They cover almost all of his back legs, but bits of his jeans peep through, in handsome contrast. Dressed in his best, he must be in town, at a ceremony, or a pow wow.

Bring him home, and he will surely be as alert for any hanky-panky on your shelf or mantel.

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Paint, Wood


6" high x 2" wide x 1 5/8" deep, Base is 3 12" wide x 3" deep