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Raven in Blanket


Tall raven in red and multi-striped blanket. 5 7/8″ tall, looking to side; carved wing.

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With all the mastery of his art, this noted carver has created a raven as brilliantly colorful as he is majestic. Hand-carved from one piece of wood, this raven is so proud and imperious, he is almost intimidating. Definitely a bird of some consequence!

With textured black body and head, he is holding a brightly colored blanket around him, anchoring it with a beautifully formed and carved wing. The vibrant colors of the red blanket, striped in complementary colors of green, purple and yellow, are visually outstanding against the black bird.His posture is stately and erect; his look is raven-fierce, and his whole stance exudes a still power.

Visually brilliant, with brilliant carving, too, this raven is an outstanding presence. He will keep all your carvings in order, stand guard over your other collections, and generally light up your shelf or table with his vivid personality and blanket.

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5 7/8" high x 3 1/2" wide x 3 1/8" deep


Paint, Wood