Rattle Kachina


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This artist has been notable in several different fields: The kachina carver/lawyer, now retired, was most actively carving during the 1980’s, when we purchased this piece.

Now an elder of the Hopi tribe, he devotes himself to informing younger people of the history and lore of his people, striving to ensure that they are not forgotten by future generations.

This Rattle Kachina is one of the many Runners – racers who appear during the spring dances.

They entertain the crowd by racing men from the village, hitting them with yucca leaves if they catch them, and rewarding the ones who out-race the kachinas, with piki bread.

In addition, there is a spiritual component: the way racers run swiftly down the street suggests water rushing through the arroyos. Water is the source of life, and especially precious when you farm in the desert.

Moderately active, this Rattle Kachina looks as if he has just lifted one foot, preparing to take off. With all the vibrant colors, he is a very decorative fellow.


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