Raised Lip Black on White Pot


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This sensuous piece is by Shana alone, after her separation from her former husband/collaborator.

She is considered one of the best contemporary painters of pottery in Acoma.

Now she shows she can create a beautiful pot from scratch, as well.

She uses a dried yucca leaf brush for her designs, as has been done for a millennium.

The cut-out and stepped lip is decorated with rain designs.

The solid black zig-zag motif, symbolizing lightning, continues right down the whole pot, emphasizing the voluptuous form.

The fine-line painting, with strong, diagonal divisions, represents rainfall, and also plays up the rotundity of the beautifully tapered shape.

The black lines are painted on the local, pure white, Acoma area clay. They are made from steeped wild spinach plants.

Splendid form and wonderful, precise design; a real eye-catcher!


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Hand Made Clay


4" H x 5" diameter