Raised Inlay Turquoise, Etc. Cuff



An acknowledged master of tufa casting, he has already won the most prestigious award in the world of Indian Art: Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market, as well as a slew of other awards.

He is equally and gloriously at home with the most sublime minimalism as with finely detailed, more traditional motifs, as seen here.

Darryl goes out to Hopi country to buy the superior tufa found there. The difference can be seen in the extra-fine texture of his work.

This slice of beautifully finished, tufa-cast silver has raised and polished edges, which adds a gleaming contrast to the tufa texture.

Inlaid across the top by another fine jeweler, Alvin Yellowhorse, is a broad band of finest-quality materials.

Gorgeous, natural Blue Gem turquoise, in meltingly gentle and vivid hues, natural red coral in the deepest, most valuable shade, and ironwood, with its subtle but intricate grain and warm, rich brown, create a radiant palette.

The asymmetrical arrangement of the stones gives the cuff a pleasing rhythm, more interesting than a simple row of rectangles.

Grainy wood, and almost imperceptible matrix dots in the turquoise, bring the sandy texture of the tufa-cast silver into the top of the piece, as well.

A few silver channels add the same shimmer as the polished edges, which helps to tie the whole together.

Everything about this splendid bracelet exhibits the artists’ characteristic refinement and elegance.

The workmanship, like the materials and the design, is the finest.

As impressive a piece of jewelry as this is, you will wear this bracelet very, very often – with jeans, sweaters, shirts, suits – even out to dinner.

It is another future museum-piece, by this extraordinary master, and his gifted “sidekick”.

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Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Natural Ironwood, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/8" Gap | 6 5/8" all around


1 1/8" wide