Raised Inlay Sugilite Cuff


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A talented young Navajo silversmith, he is known for using fine, natural stones, as seen in this exceptional cuff.

Traditional in inspiration and general format, but definitely a creative version, this bracelet brings the past into our new century, with beautiful artistry and wonderful stones.

Inlaid primarily with gorgeous natural sugilite, the complementary stones include natural red coral, lemon chrysoprase, natural Ithaca Peak turquoise, fossilized mammoth ivory, and ironwood.

The colors are vibrant, and the varied width of the materials adds to the rhythm of the design.

All the stones are inlaid in chunks, not set perfectly smoothly, for a more modern feel.

Off-set from the center, high-grade, deep purple sugilite stands on end, rising above the rest of the stones, for an artful effect.

The natural, red branch coral piece is left in its organic shape, a handsome complement in color and form to the rigorously straight lines of its fellow stones.

Aside from the vivid teal of the natural turquoise, and the sliver of red, the insertion of chartreuse chrysoprase adds jolts of energy.

Adroitly managed proportions, and an unusual palette of extraordinary, but uncommon materials, make this cuff a vivid statement that will attract lots of admiration.

Wear it every day, as your sensational, signature bracelet – the luscious colors of those fabulous stones will go with everything.


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Natural Fossil Ivory, Natural Ironwood, Natural Ithaca Peak Turquoise, Natural Lemon Chrysoprase, Natural Red Branch Coral, Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/8" + 1" gap | 6 3/8" all around


1" w