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“Rainy Days” Ring


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Lucky you, if you have a dainty little finger! But, don’t despair, if you have a larger size digit: this looks lovely as a pinkie ring, too.

This young artist is related to the well-known Peina family of Zuni jewelers. Abe favors modern designs, based on tradition.

This ring is graceful in its design, and meticulous in its execution.

The theme is flowing water and raindrops, announced by the flowing curves of the overlaid band.

The base is textured, so it glistens like water, as it glides along between the polished silver edges.

Three domes of brilliant silver gleam at one side of the center stone, like raindrops.

Centered in mid-stream, as it were, a slightly organic oval of natural New Landers stone has a pale watercolor hue, under the lacy web of matrix.

This stone is beautifully married to the theme, as it looks like a pebble, seen under water.

Adjacent to the prestigious Landers turquoise mine, New Landers stones are almost-but-not-quite turquoise.

It is considered chalcosiderite, because it lacks some of the minerals that identify turquoise.

Back to reality, this ring and its stone are beautifully matched, in theme, size, shape and hue.

A lovely piece of fine silver work, married to a handsome design and stone, by an up-and-coming jeweler.

Catch this star on the way up!

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Natural New Landers, Sterling Silver

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3/8" W