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Raindrop/Sun Bolo


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A combination of overlaid silver and tiny domes is a recurrent (and very attractive) theme for this popular, and very accomplished, jeweler.

Against a densely dark and matte background, gleaming, tapered and elongated teardrop shapes are filled with tapered and gleaming little domes.

In the center, a raised half-dome of highly polished silver gathers all the petal, or feather, shapes together.

Glistening silver against black is a striking and classic combination.

The bolo resembles a sun, with eagle feathers as rays – a modern, and abstract version of a traditional, iconic symbolism.

Nestled within each silver-delineated area, the little silver balls are placed as  if they represent the dark tips of eagle feathers.

Eagle feathers symbolize prayers, carried up to the heavens, and for southwestern tribes, those prayers are often for rain.

But rain must be balanced with sunshine; to result in thriving crops, both are needed.

So this design might be seen as a visual pun, as well as a remarkably handsome bolo.

It combines stylized eagle feathers, with a sunburst, or sunflower petals, and includes little spheres, which often symbolize raindrops.

Sun, eagle feathers, and water, form a powerful triangle, creating the ideal balance of Nature.

Therefore, there will be an abundant harvest, enough to eat, and happy, healthy people.

Maybe all this was just an unconscious idea; maybe this is a strikingly alluring bolo, and nothing more, but….

Glistening silver against matte black makes a dramatic bolo. The hand-braided leather cord matches the bolo’s workmanship, in quality.

This is definitely a statement – of refinement, beauty, artistry, and, even, culture.


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Sterling Silver | Hand Braided Leather


Bolo is 2 1/2" diameter | Tips are 3 3/8" L 3/4" diameter | Cord is 48" L