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Raindrop Shield Earrings


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These striking – and very wearable – earrings are a refined statement, but easily work well with jeans and tees, too.

This award-winning jeweler keeps delighting us with his creative variations on a minimalist theme.

Textured silver contrasts elegantly with the polished and stamped silver shape that slashes across the top.

Despite his contemporary-looking designs, there is usually a reference to Navajo traditions in his work.

In this case, the triangles are stamped and etched with water signs.

Parallel lines symbolize rainfall; arcs and curves are water and/or rainbows, and little circles refer to raindrops.

Rain is the greatest good fortune in the high desert of Navajo lands.

The textured base form is a softened triangle, that makes a brilliant foil for the decorated, slightly curved and mirror-bright form that lies over it.

Simple, stylish and versatile,with these beautiful earrings you look fabulous, and attract good fortune, too.


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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 1" W