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Raincloud Dangles


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These earrings are designed with creativity, executed with finesse, and are intriguingly different, just what is expected from this younger jeweler.

He has the right genes; grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, a son of award-winning jeweler Jolene Eustace, and nephew of the other, well-known Eustace siblings. His style, however is his very own, and very handsome.

These sensuous dangles, for instance, are inspired by traditional symbols, but look modern, are decorative, flattering, and flawlessly fabricated.

In design and materials, the earrings embody thundery clouds and falling rain.

Black-lipped mother of pearl is naturally dark and iridescent. Together with the rounded tops and shimmering dangles, it beautifully evokes a stormy summer sky, with dark clouds, rainbows that come and go, and glistening rain.

With this dusky luminescence set on textured and darkened sterling silver, and surrounded by polished silver, these earrings have a sultry, smoldering beauty, very appropriate to the theme of the design.

Deliciously flattering, the earrings are meticulous in workmanship: minutely textured edges on the bezels that hold the graceful mother of pearl elements, also have tops that have a high gleam; polished little domes echo the shine, while the silver dangles are elegantly shaped and darkly glossy.

And the beauty extends to the back of the earrings, there is no “bad” side to these lovely angles.

Textured to resemble a spray of sunbeams, wth tiny stars, as well as the artist’s initials, the backs will also glimmer, when revealed.

All in all, these are enchanting, hand wrought by an artist who has already “emerged”.

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Natural Black Lipped Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver