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Rainbow Obsidian Pin


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A major, award-winning jeweler from Santo Domingo/Kewa and Laguna Pueblos, Charlie is famous for his mosaic inlay pieces, inspired by the ruins of Chaco Canyon.

In this striking pin, however, he has chosen to use just one, dramatic, piece of natural rainbow obsidian.

Utterly simple, the stone is set in a sterling silver base, narrowly framed by an edge of polished silver.

The two materials emit different kinds of gleam: softly glossy obsidian, against the bright glitter of the silver.

Glamorously black, the stone exhibits five delicate lines in subtle shades, including palest blue and russety tan, that streak across the top half – a mineral rainbow.

Gently peaked on the left side, the lines run parallel and slightly upwards, giving the silky stone a minimalist, geometric and contemporary look.

A minutely toothed bezel adds the merest touch of texture to the smooth surface of the obsidian.

Sleek and stylish, this pin is understated but definitely noticeable.

In a wearable, modest size, it adds art deco chic to much of your wardrobe and will be admired all over the world.

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Rainbow Obsidian, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" W x 1" H