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Rainbow Obsidian Bolo


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This well-known jeweler, from Santo Domingo/Kewa and Laguna Pueblos, is famous for his fine inlay, often in shimmering greys and black.

In this dramatic bolo, however, he has chosen to use one, spectacular, piece of natural rainbow obsidian.

Utterly simple, the slightly rounded, organic form of the stone is set on a sterling silver base, narrowly framed by a edge of polished silver.

The two materials emit two different kinds of shine: the softly glossy obsidian, and the bright glitter of the silver.

The gently tapered form of the bolo is suggestive of a necktie’s knot.

With the restrained elegance of the timeless black and silver design, this would make it a dashing accessory to a dinner jacket.

As classic as it is, this bolo can also go to work, and even morph into casual wear.

The silver tips are equally understated, keeping all eyes on the impressive stone.

The hand-braided cord is of the same high quality, flat around the neck for ultimate comfort.

Less is dramatically more, in this minimalist design with maximum impact.




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Bolo is 3" L x 1 7/8" W | Tips are 2 1/2" L | Cord is 44" L


Leather, Natural Obsidian, Sterling Silver