Rainbow Kachina Wall Hanging


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The Rainbow Kachina represents peace and harmony among tribes, and we couldn’t think of a better time to put a piece like this up for everyone to see!

Although we don’t know much about the artist, we do know this: she is a very talented individual.

Signed “Rainbow Kachina by Renee K. Davis Old Oraibi Village Hopi Tribe, Az”, this beautiful Kachina is a little different than most.  Rather than being carved from the root of a cottonwood tree (one that has already died), this Kachina is constructed with an intricate weaving of yarns and ropes in a beautiful array of Southwestern colors around the central face of the Kachina.

The face is constructed of wood, painted with acrylic paint, and adorned with yarn and feathers – a bright focal point against the somewhat muted pallette of the weaving surrounding it.

Beautifully constructed by an artist we wish we knew more about, this wall hanging kachina is a much-needed message of peace and harmony in a stressful time.

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Yarn, Acrylic Paint, Feathers, Rope, Wood