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Rainbow Flower Pendant


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One half of a super-star jeweler team, with her husband, Darryl Dean Begay, Rebecca is a prestigious award-winner.

This enchanting pendant demonstrates her decorative, feminine style and expert technique. Like most of her/their work, it is tufa cast, but with a refinement rarely seen in this method.

Expertly darkened in areas, to emphasize the design elements, include a lovely flower, centered with a natural coral, against a mountainous background, and a perfect rainbow, above.

Not merely a beautifully executed and charming design, these features evoke traditional Navajo culture.

Where there’s a rainbow, there was rain, as well as sun, an ideal balance that produces that radiant flower, which symbolizes all plants and crops.

Where there are crops, there will be a harvest; health and happiness will follow. The background peaks refer to the four sacred mountains that define Navajo land. The coral adds a wonderful pop of warm color, that symbolizes the red earth, there.

The design is carved out with amazing delicacy, from the crumbly, compressed volcanic sand that is tufa. There is depth, perspective, modulated bright and dark areas, and beautiful precision in the entire piece. The rectangular shape frames the curves and diagonals within, in handsome contrast.

Dainty elements on a strong base; a beautiful, solid metaphor for this renowned artist, herself!

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Natural Coral, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" L x 1" W